TCHB NOTICE: Vacation time a-coming

Over the next two weeks I’ll be visiting my folks in the UK, and sunning myself on the beaches of Turkey, with hopefully the opportunity to get in a little ruin visiting and paragliding at Olu Deniz. I’ll be checking in very occasionally but in my absence you should see a lot from regular contributor Matt Quinn, who has very kindly offered to carry the load. Several other of my regular correspondents who you may know and love (or in some cases know and hate!) have also graciously offered to pen a piece now and again. So I’m very hopeful that this mostly solo effort will be very interesting in my absence. If you are interested in contributing a piece please email Angela Kang, who is shouldering the admin load of THCB.

And of course, while I’m gone please continue to check out the great med and health care bloggers whom I recognize in the listing to the right.

Take care and try to behave while I’m not watching! And if you really are bored, my vacation snaps should be appearing over at my personal blog.

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