TECHNOLOGY: Boston Sci winning the latest battle in the Stent war

The latest battle in the cardiology war between drug-eluting stents seems to be going decisively to Boston Scientific. Their Taxus stent has barely been on the market for a few weeks and it’s already burning up the charts, already selling at an equivalent annual clip of over $1.2 billion. On the same day that their stock rallied on the good news its competitor J&J’s Cypher is having the dreaded production quality problems. That type of shooting yourself in the foot problem plagued Schering Plough in its recent downturn, and can take a while to sort out. By no means is a company of J&J’s size and reputation going to let this continue, and because of J&J’s overall size it won’t make too much of an impact on its stock price, but for the moment this round is clearly being won by the other side.

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