PHARMA: Pharma stocks–Apparently it’s all Kerry’s fault

Investment magazine Barron’s claims that the pharma sector’s stocks have slid because of fears that Kerry will win the election and presumably institute price controls. Quite how he’ll do that with a Republican house and Senate is a good question, unless of course Barron’s thinks that the Democrats will sweep those races too. And further to this question if you look at the 6 month chart of Astra-Zeneca, BMS and Pfizer versus the S&P, you notice that over time only BMS has really hit the skids–and that has far more to do with Pravachol’s impending patent expiration.

And of course if you want to compare stock prices, note that as shown in the chart below Pfizer’s stock price tripled in the second Clinton administration, and has gone down under Bush.

So I suspect that no matter who’s in power, you’re better off being a pharma with a great pipeline than one with great clout in DC!

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