INTERNATIONAL: . . . . and you thought doctors were difficult in the US

Word from the UK is that a leading neurosurgeon either took a refill of a bowl of soup or just some more croutons from the hospital cafe (depending on whether you believe him or the canteen staff) and he’s been suspended! This means that at least three operations in his hospital have been cancelled. And this is in England. You remember England, the place where like Canada where you have to wait forever for surgery and 10 months to get a hospital spot for a normal delivery.

On the other hand, it’s probably no skin off the nose of the surgeon, as he almost certainly makes more in his part-time role in the private sector than he does with the NHS, and most likely has been suspended on full pay. I know another British surgeon, who makes the odd appearance in THCB because, well, he’s my father, who was so browned off with the administrators at his hospital that he spent ages trying to figure out how to be suspended on full pay. I bet he never thought of pinching a packet of croutons. And of course now he’s retired–oh, the missed opportunity! Dad, if only you’d known!

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