TECHNOLOGY: Stents now movin on up, with UPDATE

Loads from the American College of Cardiology meeting including a detailed study on stent use in the carotid arteries from Guidant (here’s the more digestible press release) and also "proof" from J&J that drug eluting stents really, really prevent restenosis — honest!!

Meanwhile over at MedRants more on the latest with the statins. (Short version is that stronger is better so Lipitor beats Pravachol but may get bested by Crestor).

Funnily enough the meeting is in New Orleans, so from my recollection of the food down there, plenty of future work for these statins and the stent manufacturers is being created each dinner time!

UPDATE: Sydney Smith over at Medpundit has a very interesting take on the real world application of this study and isn’t so sanguine about it.

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