INDUSTRY: Scrushy goes on TV with Roy Moore to proclaim innocence

It’s so hard to resist, and I’ve been good for so long, but I had to re-open the Healthsouth file. The story so far. 15 execs admit years and years of fraud. CEO Richard Scrushy claims he knew nothing about any of it, despite the fact that plenty of his staff say he led the whole thing. Now Scrushy has his own TV chat show and his first guest was whacko Alabama chief justice Roy Moore–the one who put the Ten Commandments monument in his courthouse. Anyway, they are both agree that the media has cooked this whole thing up and Scrushy, like Ken Lay, was merely an innocent bystander while his underlings plundered and cheated the company. And if you don’t believe him, because, well, because you’re just not a trusting person, he’s got his own website to prove it!

It reminds me a little of the Chaing-Kai Shek War Memorial in Taiwan, which has a long exhibition showing how the Nationalists really won the 1949 Civil War with their strategic retreat from Beijing to Taiwan! Of course usually losers don’t get to write the history books, so it’s nice to see Scrushy joining in a rare tradition. Methinks that if Martha goes down, he’s bound to follow–but of course I won’t be on a jury in Alabama!

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