INDUSTRY: Malpractice at Wampum, with UPDATE

An interesting little storm is brewing over at Wampum about malpractice and its role in the latest Tort reform issue. There’s a lot of lefty and righty rhetoric in the comments, and I stuck my 2 cents in about the lack of attention to the defensive medicine issue–which is the only really meaningful and substantial part of the whole debate.  Of course, legislation doesn’t always get passed in this country because of keen insights into meaningful or substantial issues.  However, you should read the whole thing in order to see where the political arguments lie (pun intended).

While you’re there the Koufax awards are a great source for intros into some of the best political blogging on the left side of the American spectrum. (I’m a Brit so I have to use that qualifier!)

UPDATE: DB’s Medical Rants has a quick comment on Wampum’s piece, but the most intelligent pieces are in his comments.

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