PHARMA: Lipitor v Crestor

Forbes is running a wacky poll to see if people think that Crestor can take on Lipitor.  Lipitor should hit $9 billion in sales this year.  Early indications are that Crestor is struggling but the poll results show some support for Crestor. Meanwhile Astra-Zeneca’s stock value shows that Wall Street is certainly anticipating big things from Crestor. It’s within a couple of bucks of its all time high, and has well outstripped Pfizer’s in the last 2 years. If I ran a billion dollar hedge fund I’d buy Pfizer and short A-Z against it….but I don’t

. But these guys do and they went short of A-Z a couple of weeks ago with a price target of $40. In fairness to A-Z not much has happened since!

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