TECHNOLOGY: Medicare Bill’s impact on ePrescribing

Jane Sarasohn Kahn’s column in iHealthbeat about the impact of the Medicare bill on ePrescribing shows her being a touch cynical about the political process.  But don’t worry about it affecting her analysis. Jane explains in detail why nothing will really happen in terms of Federal ePrescribing before 2009, with only passing reference to the AMA, luddites and dinosaurs. She also has some interesting takes on activities on the state level, particularly in Massachusetts. I do think that its overly optimistic to think that this kind of voluntary effort can get more than a few cities or states well on the way to ePrescribing.  However, we should have some good answers within 18 months as to whether these efforts really save money.  If they do, pressure will increase on other providers to adopt ePrescribing too.

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