POLICY: Just in case you thought the AARP endorsement sealed it…

The AARP’s endorsement is supposed to have sealed the Medicare Bill–but just take a look at this message board which spews vitriol towards AARP from its own members! Hundreds of messages here are all opposed to the Bill. I picked this one at random:

    Who can we turn to for help when AARP stabs us in the back?  How can you support a proposal that enriches only private insurance and pharmaceutical companies, leaving seniors with a broken Medicare program?  Shame on you.

Meanwhile, despite a down day on the stock market the drug stocks and the PBM stocks held steady, consolidating their gains of last week.  So Wall Street is convinced that the bill will get by.  To be fair, the "non-controversial" part of the bill–the new drug benefit–is fabulously loaded towards pharma companies and PBMs, for now.  And as a separate package that would pass on its own.

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