TECHNOLOGY: Tim Oren’s analysis of Sili valley development

As  healthcare person connected to Silicon Valley by geography and osmosis, I’m always amazed why I don’t quite "get it" and hence why I’m not driving a Porsche, owning 6 houses and lying on the beach like some folks I know.  Tim Oren is a self-confessed Silicon Valley old fart Gray Beard, who really gets technology and writes the excellent Due Diligence blog. (I’ve argued with him about health care and he’s the only guy in the Bay Area who voted for Arnie but don’t let that put you off!). Tim’s recent post about how tech innovations come out of nowhere, "You never know where you’re going till you get there" is wonderful, and I just had to quote this line here:

    I served on the program committee for ACM Hypertext ’91 in San Antonio. We hold the distinction of relegating a certain prototype by a Mr. Tim Berners-Lee into the poster and demo track, since (as I recall the discussion), it didn’t present much theoretical novelty, and the user interface sucked. Well, it did.

Those of my health care readers who don’t know what this is referring to must subject themselves to the public ridiculing of asking me! But go read Tim’s article.

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