TECHNOLOGY: A surgeon as a futurist?

Speaking as an ex-real and current hack futurist, this title disturbs me.  However, jumbled up in this interview with ex-Yale surgeon Richard Satava are a bunch of very interesting concepts. He discusses the potential impact of smart dust, radio-tagging (RFID) and remote telemetry, xenotransplantation, nano-technology and organ regeneration on the future of human health.  If after reading it you fell like someone threw a bucket of science-fiction technology water all over you, I recommend that you hop over to Robert Mittman’s Technology Foresight columns on the iHealthbeat site, which give you more measured and controlled sips of each concept. (You need to register but it’s free and there’s a wealth of stuff there–thanks Wellpoint!)

In particular take a look at the articles on smart dust, RFID, and nanotechnology.  Robert is a professional forecaster (rather than just playing one on Yale Medicine News) and delivers a more rational explanation of the pace of change within each technology sector–not that Satava’s vision isn’t a lot of fun.

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