I’m back alive online

OK.  My site is up and hopefully you are reading this by getting here via matthewholt.net or via thehealthcareblog.com, (or via .org and .net both of which get you here. (I describe the experience later when I’ve calmed down a bit). I have also fixed a way via bloglet of having you give your email address to get new postings emailed to you.  I’m still figuring out whether it’s most useful for you to get, via email, the whole post, just the  first few words as a teaser, or just the fact that there is a post.  I’m also figuring out RSS and comments (and am nearly there with those).  So please email me and let me know if you have any opinions about how you want to see this blog and what you want to see here.  Thanks and please keep coming back.  Matthew

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