Underwriting THCB

The Wall Street Journal calls us “the leading insider voice in the field. The New York Times calls us “the authority.”

flying cadeuciiWe’ve also been called “The New New England Journal of Medicine” and “Wired meets the Journal of the American Medical Association.”

THCB covers the business of healthcare, national healthcare policy, technology and day to day health care news.

Underwriting THCB

THCB is supported by contributions from individual and support from corporate underwriters. Underwriters receive prominent exposure as a supporter of the online discussion around innovation and health policy that THCB hosts. You’ll get the standard benefits of sponsorship including ad unit exposure, logo placement, shout outs on the site, plus additional advantages depending on the sponsorship level you select. We work with large corporations and organizations to craft social media sponsorships that extend the reach of their social media campaigns and marketing initiatives.  We also work with corporations and government agencies to develop social media strategies and effective interactive campaigns.


General advertising inquiries should be directed to Michelle Noteboom. You can also reach us at 415.562.7957. Our business hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM PST. Scroll on for specials for startups, a la carte options and other alternatives.



Pricing: $2,500 / One year

As a Bronze Level sponsor, your benefits will include:

  •  A 300X250 ad unit on the site for 60 days
  • One guest  post, subject to editorial approval
  • One Marketplace Place  for one week
  • Social media exposure – send us a newsworthy or promotion item to mention and we will
  • Display of your logo on the front page for one week when sponsorship launches
  • Text links targeted to posts matching your area of focus (give us a short list of posts you
  • Networking access to THCB’s reader base
  • Shout outs on THCB Front Page when sponsorship launches (“THCB is brought to you
  • Display of your logo on email newsletter for one month
  • Listing as a THCB supporter over the course of a full calendar year on the Front Page

Tweet your announcement up to two times a week (think match your focus and we’ll come up with a custom campaign)

To place your order please contact THCB sponsorship cordinator Michelle Noteboom.


Pricing: $5,000 / One year

Share a bit more of your marketing dollars and ensure greater exposure to healthcare’s movers andshakers. This sponsorship includes all the benefits of Bronze Level, plus:

  • Your 300×250 ad unit will display on the site for one quarter
  • Your logo display on the site for one quarter
  • A separate 400X225 ad unit inline for two weeks
  • One Marketplace Post (see description above) for two weeks
  • Occasional shout-outs on THCB

To place your order please contact THCB sponsorship coordinator Michelle Noteboom.


Interested in more options for reaching THCB readers? The Gold Level includes all the benefits of the

Pricing: $7,500 / One year

  • Silver Supporter sponsorship, plus:
  • Your 300×250 ad unit will display on the site for 120 days
  • Your logo display on the site for 120 days
  • A separate 400×225 ad unit inline for one months
  • Underwriting of a THCB content channel for 30 days
  • One email send to our mailing list (you provide the content, we send)
  • Fast track consideration for guest posts
  • Two Marketplace Posts for two weeks each

To place your order please contact THCB sponsorship coordinator Michelle Noteboom.



Pricing: $650 / week  $1,050 / 2 weeks

Tired of low performing ad units? Then here’s the option you have been waiting for:

  • A 300×250 ad unit appear above the fold on THCB’s front page
  • A 400×225 ad unit inline ad
  • An NPR-style shout out thanking you for your sponsorship and strategically placed text links designed to drive traffic to your website.
  • A guest blog post up to 800 words on THCB, subject to editorial approval

To place your order please contact THCB sponsorship coordinator Michelle Noteboom.

THCB Marketplace Post

PRICING: $450 / Week

Your post will appear on THCB’s front page and remain in a prominent position on the front page for the duration of the run. Great for spreading awareness of your product launch, industry event, book release, conference, or webinar. You’ll get up to 300 words to make your case and may include a graphic. You may include bolded text, bulleted points, and links as you see fit. If you need editorial help, THCB’s crack editorial team is available to help fine tune your posting for our audience.

Tip #1: Schedule your post to coincide with a major announcement, event or product release. Book well in advance.

Tip #2:
 Run multiple posts in the weeks leading up to your event

Tip #3: Combine your post with mentions on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook  to drive social media interest in your announcement.

To place your order please contact THCB sponsorship coordinator Michelle Noteboom.

The 2015 HIMSS Special

Don’t get lost amongst the 1,200+ exhibitors that will be fighting for the attention of 38,000 or so health IT professionals at next spring’s HIMSS conference. Make sure your brand is top-of-mind before the attendees descend on Chicago April 12-16.

THCB  understands that exhibiting at HIMSS requires a significant financial and time commitment for participating vendors. Our goal is to help organizations maximize their marketing success by sharing their message with the 6,000 THCB readers who visit our site each day.

HIMSS exhibitors wishing to connect with our highly healthcare-centric audience are encouraged to take advantage of one of our HIMSS Specials.

Our sweet marketing packages include:

  • Unbeatable social media exposure on THCB and Twitter
  • Awesome THCB front page placement (logo, ad unit, guest blog post)
  • Networking access to THCB’s healthcare obsessed audience of 650,000 plus healthcare pros
  • Other slick advantages that will help you stand out during and after the event

To place your order please contact THCB sponsorship coordinator Michelle Noteboom.

THCB Startup Special  

Get seen by potential investors, clients and partners. THCB is closely monitored by the national and healthcare press, as well as industry observers in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street and in Washington.  This special package is normally priced at  $1,000 value but is discounted to $750 for startups/younger companies .

  • a one week marketplace post
  • 300 x 250 ad unit for 5 days
  • Prominent logo exposure on THCB
  • Recognized as a THCB supporter for period of one year
  • Sponsor directory / startup profile listing
  • Social media exposure /  shout outs

To place your order please contact THCB sponsorship coordinator Michelle Noteboom.


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