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Health 2.0 Announces Agenda Highlights for WinterTech

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.05.05 AMHealth 2.0 announces the inaugural event, WinterTech: The New Consumer Health Landscape on January 15th, 2015 during JP Morgan Week in San Francisco, CA. Industry leaders Walmart, Samsung, Target, Qualcomm Life, MyFitnessPal and many others will discuss major digital health themes in the marketplace such as: investing in consumer health, the new role of retail environments in health care, new platforms and interfaces for personal health, the informed health care consumer, and how consumer data is contributing to new clinical insights.

Participating organizations and speakers at WinterTech include:

Ben Wanamaker (Walmart)
Bakul Patel (United States Food and Drug Administration)
Rick Valencia (Qualcomm Life)
Tara Montgomery (Consumer Reports)
Karan Singh (

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Viewics: Changing the World of Health Care Data

is a health care data analytics company that uses a cloud-based SaaS model to provide health care organization with solutions to improve their operational, financial and clinical outcomes. Viewics raised $8M in additional funding today, in a round led by Canvas Venture Fund. This is the second funding round for the company this year. Earlier this February, it raised an undisclosed amount from a group of savvy Silicon Valley investors, including Morado Ventures’ Farzad Nazem, who also is the former Yahoo CTO, and AME Cloud Ventures, a venture capital group led by Yahoo’s founder and former CEO, Jerry Yang.

Viewics’ flagship product, Viewics Health Insighter (VHI), allows health care organizations to have a standardized suite of analytics tools to aggregate, extract and share insights from the vast amounts of data in their information systems. It eliminates the hassle of developing an internal business intelligence infrastructure. Viewics has over 100 hospitals and laboratories as its customers, and processes data for 20 million patients across multiple departments and visits. The VHI data aggregation platform enables clinical analysis on a database representing 650 million tests.Continue reading…

Innovation Isn’t A Pipe Dream, How Health Care Organizations Can Adopt Digital Health Technologies


Startups announce new technologies to solve healthcare problems every week, but how much of these new technologies hit the public market and reach widespread adoption? Even more, how much technology gets adopted by key institutions that work directly with patients and deliver care? 6 out of 10 physicians reported that they did not use digital health technology for clinical purposes, including communication with patients and other providers and only 27% of physicians actively encourage their patients to use digital health applications, according to PriceWaterhouseCooper’s Top Health Industry Issues 2014 report.  While many health systems are beginning to explore different avenues for innovation, some even creating internal departments to address innovation, many are still slow to adopt. As many as 36% of healthcare service organizations report that their organization has no mobile technology or innovation strategy.

Digital health startups, compared to traditional technology startups, have the additional burden of breaking into an established health care system before their solution can really gain traction. Whether it’s a hospital network, health plan provider or direct consumers, all of these groups want to see a product or service that has been validated. With so much activity in the digital health space, potential customers, especially large health systems, want to mitigate risk by purchasing a solution that has shown evidence of the benefits they claim to deliver.

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Pilots with Hospitals, the Chicken or the Egg Problem

We know that as a health tech entrepreneur, piloting your technology and getting that first customer validation is extremely challenging. There’s frequently the ‘chicken or the egg’ problem. Most providers are unwilling to work with young technology companies that have yet to validate or prove the effectiveness of their product. Meanwhile, health technology companies need that first pilot for a chance to validate their technology. That’s why the New York City Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with Health 2.0, is excited to launch Pilot Health Tech NYC 2014, a program that provides $1,000,000 in funding to innovative projects that pilot new health technologies in New York City. The program seeks to vet and selectively match early-stage health or healthcare technology companies (‘innovators’) with key NYC healthcare service organizations and stakeholders (‘hosts’), including hospitals, physician clinics, payors, pharma companies, nursing associations, foundations, major employers, and retailers.

The 2013 program was a tremendous success, with participation from 25 provider organizations, over 250 innovator companies, 200 matchmaking meetings, 41 joint applications, and finally, 10 pilot winners.  Since ‘Pilot Day’ 2013, an event during which last year’s winners were announced, the inaugural class of Pilot companies has raised more than $14 million in private investment, including $4.5 million in the last six months and their pilots have enrolled more than 1,000 patients. Check out the video below to hear what some of the winners from the 2013 program have to say!

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HealthLoop: A Health 2.0 Story

HealthLoop, Inc. has been developing a feedback system that creates a communication loop between patients and providers, to help keep track of the treatment progress in between clinic visits. This ‘loop’ consists of reminders, questions and care instructions based on the treatment plan. Patients are urged to regularly check-in online, providing feedback on the prescribed timely ‘action items’ and answers clinical questions based on where they along the recovery process. The system also alerts the doctor if a patient appears to be at risk of a complication, treatment failure or hospital readmission.

Today, HealthLoop announced that it raised $10M in Series A. The round was led by Canvas Venture Fund, an early-stage venture fund managed by the Morgenthaler Technology Investment Company. Other investors include Subtraction Capital.

HealthLoop has been a part of the Health 2.0 since its debut in 2009. The Health 2.0 Spring Fling: Boston 2009 provided the first sneak preview of its cloud-based automated patient follow up solution. It formally demoed at the Health 2.0 San Francisco Fall Conference 2011 stage, as a part of the annual Doctors 2.0 panel which showcases latest tools transforming physician practices. The same year, HealthLoop made another appearance at the Europe Fall Conference in Berlin as a part of the ‘Cool tools to connect stakeholders and promote the co-production of health care’ panel. We invited them back to our San Francisco Fall 2012 conference to as a part of the showcase of technologies transforming care delivery.

HealthLoop was also among the top five finalists of the DC to VC HIT Showcase 2012. Health 2.0 and Morgenthaler Ventures, the parent company behind HealthLoop’s key investor, jointly organize this event every year to find and promote the most promising health tech startups from across the nation.

Register for the February 29th Health 2.0 Show

Join us February 29th for the first Health 2.0 Show of 2012. We’re working with our friends at HCPLive to bring you an exciting and packed show to kick off the new year. This episode will focus on innovative tools for physicians including products that transform and aid in everything from scheduling to follow-up. We’ll be joined by four specials guests who will discuss and demo their products:

We also have an interview and demo with Alexander Borve, founder and CEO of iDoc24 and leader of the Health 2.0 Stockholm chapter. Other agenda highlights include a demo from the popHealth Tool Developer Challenge winner, news highlights from and an update on the Health 2.0 Spring Fling Matchpoint in Boston this May.Continue reading…

Health Hack the Planet: Japan’s Upcoming Code-a-thon

Health 2.0 and the Health 2.0 Fukushima Chapter are proud to announce the next competition in the Developers World Cup series: The Health 2.0 JAPAN Hackathon. On February 21st and 22nd, Health 2.0 will host this inaugural event at Nihon University in the Fukushima prefecture (map) in conjunction with Medical Creation Fukushima Exhibition and the Health 2.0 Fukushima Chapter Meeting.

The Health 2.0 Developers World Cup is an international innovation competition to improve the technology supporting our world’s healthcare systems. Through our local chapters, Health 2.0 invites teams to use the growing number of open health datasets and APIs now being made available to rapidly prototype health related applications for the chance to win prize money and international visibility. The first place winners of each local code-a-thon will be flown to San Francisco to face-off against other finalist teams at the 6th Annual Fall Health 2.0 Conference for the Developers World Cup title. Regional competitions are being held in New Delhi, New York, Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, Russia, China and Washington DC.

We’re particularly excited to see the results of this regional competition given the increasing popularity of hacking events in Japan. Hack For JAPAN, a series targeting solutions for disaster recovery after earthquakes, has established a strong community of developers ready to tackle big problems. With its more experienced teams, it will be interesting to see who Japan sends to the international finals in the Fall.

The competition has been divided into 3 categories because of the large number of innovators expected to attend. There will be a traditional Code-a-thon, a Design-a-thon, and an Ideathon. The Code-a-thon will center around disaster recovery services, smartphone use and Osirix applications. The Design-a-thon will focus on improving breast cancer exams and 3D virtual animations to improve patient-doctor communication. Finally, the Ideathon will look at how to improve healthcare for disaster victims, remote populations and healthcare recovery in Fukushima.

Registration is filling up quickly and there are only a few more days left to sign up. You can learn more about the event and register HERE but we recommend that you first fire-up Google Translate if your kanji is a little rusty.

Winners Announced in “Using Public Data for Cancer Prevention and Control” Innovation Challenge

At the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS) yesterday, Wednesday January 5, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) announced the winners of the “Using Public Data for Cancer Prevention and Control: From Innovation to Impact” Challenge.  Congratulations to the winning teams, Ask Dory! and My Cancer Genome.

The public challenge launched in July 2011 in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute and under the auspices of the ONC’s Investing in Innovation (i2) program.  The Challenge asked developers to create solutions that addressed various gaps in foci across the cancer control continuum. In addition to building applications that bridge these gaps, participants were instructed to design solutions in ways that promoted and made possible healthy decision-making, early detection and adherence to treatment plans.

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ONC and NCI Partner to Launch Exciting New Challenge

Health 2.0, in conjunction with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), is excited to launch a new innovation competition sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI): “Using Public Data for Cancer Prevention and Control: From Innovation to Impact.”

This highly innovative effort is presented as part of the ONC’s Investing in Innovations (“i2”) Initiative, and is being managed by Health 2.0 through the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge program. Teams are asked to develop an application that has the potential to integrate with existing health information technology platforms and addresses targets at one or more points on the cancer control continuum, using public data that are relevant to cancer prevention and control.

Teams are required to address challenges faced by consumers, clinicians, or researchers on the continuum of cancer control. Suggested targets include promoting healthy behaviors (e.g., nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation), early detection and screening, informed decision-making, and adherence to treatment plans.

This is a two-phase challenge. Submissions for Phase I are due August 26, 2011, and will be judged on their use of cancer-related data, as well as potential for impact, innovation, and usability. Finalists from Phase I will receive a $10,000 award at a major health IT conference in September 2011. In Phase II, up to two winning teams from the slate of finalists will each receive a $20,000 award at an international system sciences conference in January 2012.

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Interview with Sona Mehring, CEO, CaringBridge

Late last week, I had a chance to talk with Sona Mehring, CEO of CaringBride. For those going through challenges with their health, CaringBridge provides free and easy to create websites that allow family and friends to share in their journey, and provide support and encouragement.

Sona will be on the main stage at the Health 2.0 Conference this fall during our session, In Conversation with Three CEOs, but we just couldn’t wait until September to talk with her! In the interview below, Sona tells the story behind starting CaringBridge, their non-profit model and how providers are integrating the sites into patient care.