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Computer viruses are computer programs designed to replicate and infect a computer.  Viruses can cause the computer to slow down, they can erase data and in some cases, they can destroy both software and hardware. Viruses should not be confused with malware or spyware. Research papers on computer viruses should discuss the origins of these viruses, how they infect computers and networks, and how to protect or secure your computer or network against them.
A good start for research papers on computer viruses would be a discussion on the history of computer viruses. Ironically, viruses started out as academic projects done by John Von Neumann who published his “Theory of Self-reproducing Automata” in 1979. Shortly after, in 1984, Fred Cohen of the University of Southern California explicitly used the term virus in his paper “Computer Viruses – Theory and Experiments”. Research papers on computer viruses should discuss the strategy and method of infection that instructs viruses to replicate. The computer virus usually resides in boot sectors of media such as floppy disks, flash disks or DVDs that normally carries legitimate programs. If a user attempts to execute on these programs, the virus simultaneously executes a code and replicates itself in the memory of the computer that accessed the program. Research papers on computer viruses should include the first generation of computer viruses such as the Creeper, Diablo, Elk Cloner and Pong. Research papers on computer viruses should also compare and contrast the characteristics of malware, spyware, worms and Trojan horses with computer viruses. Companies such as Norton and MacAffee have created software to combat such viruses and antivirus software should also be discussed in research papers on computer viruses. Anti-virus programs are one of the best selling software on the market and this should also be pointed out in research papers on computer viruses.
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