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5 Types Of Claims In An Argumentative Essay
Argumentative essay attempt to state an argument on a topic and present various reasons, braced by proof, to accept that cause and effect essay topics. If you’re working on your argumentative essay and want to submit an exceptional work than this article is for you. 
Discovering Ideas To Write About
To write a good argumentative essay or any essay, you need to discover an astonishing topic. You can find unlimited essay topics everywhere such as on the internet, in a newspaper’s headline, or in a current affair show. When you find someone trying to convince another person to accept his claim, you need to think of these questions about that argument:

Is the argument true or real?
What triggered this?
How influential it is?
What should be done about it?

When you’ll think of these questions about that argument, you’ll find a controversial idea that will be perfect for writing an argumentative essay. If you still can’t crop up an idea then you should brainstorm the issues and ideas of your interest. Working on the topics of your interest can literally amplify the level of your essay. 
Sometimes students come up with really amazing ideas but the problem begins when they start working on those ideas. Then they seek help to produce an excellent essay on their given topic. If you also have come across an influential idea and thinking who can help me write my essay then you will be pleased to read that there are a number of professionals who love to assist you. 
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5 Types Of Argument Asserts
Reality: Is it correct or not?
Explanation: What does it actually mean?
Merit: How influential it is?
Cause and Effect: What is the reason? What are the consequences?
Strategy: What should you or the society do about it?
How To Craft Your Thesis Statement?
A thesis statement is a single sentence located in your opening paragraph that briefly outlines your key point or argument and should present your grip on the topic. You need to spend some time to craft your thesis statement as it should be tricky enough to convince your reader to stay on your essay and read it. 
3 Ways To Write Your Thesis Statement

Disapprove Objections: To write one side of the argument and present a disapproving statement.

Question/ Answer: The easiest and common way of writing a thesis statement is to turn your statement into a question and write your easy by answering that question.

Roadmap: The other way of creating a thesis statement is to make a “roadmap” which means you’ll write a few sentences and your main points that will tell the readers what you’re going to cover.

Let’s Write The Argumentative Essay
Your opening paragraph should be based on your thesis statement and you need to write down a brief background about the topic and should present a piece of evidence to brace your argument. 
Start With A Hook
Open your essay with an interesting quote, facts, or statistics that should convince your audience to read further.
Introduction And Background
Once you’ve presented your agenda, now its time to make a base for it. Provide an introduction and background of your topic so that your audience will get ready to understand what is going to happen and what should be done in essay topics
Thesis Statement
Finally, write your concise thesis statement or argument.
Write The Main Paragraphs
You need to cover each paragraph to defend one of your argument by presenting evidence. 
Write your ending paragraph by summarizing all the key points and thesis statement.
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