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Everything You Need to Know About Long-range Baby Monitors

More and more busy-working parents are considering long-range baby monitors since there are other tasks they want to complete while their babies are sleeping. But is the range only factor you should focus on? And what does "long-range" really mean? Find out the answers below.

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What is a good range for baby monitors in reality?

With some traditional analog models, you can cover a distance of up to 3000 ft. For newer, modern baby monitors that take advantage of Wi-Fi technology, the range is unlimited in theory. As long as you can maintain a connection between the cameras and the parent units, you can watch your babies from far away.

Overall, for standard use, you will be happy with coverage around 600 to 1000ft.

Small houses

The above number is usually enough for small houses or apartments unless you want to take the parent unit outside. So if you don't have any plans of monitoring your baby while sitting in your garden, 600ft is a good enough choice.

Big houses

If your house is bigger with an attached yard, you should consider with models around the 1000ft side. Even in some cases like a farmhouse in a village, you will need to extend this to 2000ft. With this long-range, there is no risk of losing the camera signals from your beloved baby.

Is only the range enough?

No, it's just a small part of how your long-range baby monitor will perform.
Clarity and interference also affect this range directly. Your super long-range baby monitors will become useless if your family or your neighbor has a lot of monitors or other electronic devices that operate on the same frequency.

The signal quality will drop significantly or even lose completely.
And also, keep in mind your the further you move away from your main camera, the faster the clarity will decline.

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Signal strength

Signal strength is another factor affecting how good or bad the video quality is.

You should always have a look at it when buying your baby monitor since this strength decides how the signals will go through your house's walls.
If there is someone who can lend you a unit, you can test it directly at your house. And this is probably the best way to know how a long-range baby monitor will behave in real life. Just walk normally like you usually do around your house. You can notice the stutters in areas where it's hard to reach the camera.

An ideal baby monitor for your house is the one that can keep a constant signal strength without introducing too much background noise. Signals that keeps cutting out every minute render the monitor's functions useless.

Which type has the best range?

Video and audio baby monitors

A typical video baby monitor has a shorter range than its audio counterpart.

But remember that the final audio/video quality also depends on other factors like the covered distance, or if there is any other electronic device, electric wiring, obstruction, and thick walls.

Wi-Fi models

With a Wi-Fi baby monitor, the coverage is based on your house's network. Just think of it as another connected gadget you use daily, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

It functions under the range of your routers, which you can expand freely. So if your home already has a robust and fast Wi-Fi connection, you will get an unlimited range in theory with high-quality video and audio feeds with the best wifi baby monitors.

But on the flip side, it only works with Wi-Fi signals. If there is something wrong with your home network, a Wi-Fi model also stops working.

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We've covered the most popular information about long-range baby monitors, a helpful device for many parents. But you still have any questions, feel free to write it down in the comment section.

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