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The impact of domestic violence on children


Domestic violence is a great problem for the society especially those whose life is affected by it. The social, health and criminal justice who respond it must bear a cost. Domestic violence is not a new phenomenon to the society it has been for thirty years and it the rate of domestic violence is increasing rapidly. With the increase of domestic violence, the awareness of domestic violence is also increasing. Millions of children in each country have been exposed to domestic violence. In spite of these statistics, domestic violence is not stopped and it is a big failure of government agencies. The aim of this paper is on the occurrence and impact of domestic violence on children and how professionals need to ensure the children’s safety.

Children’s experience in domestic violence

There is a growing rate of awareness of children’s experiences of domestic violence. Sometimes it is referred to witnessing the violence. But this is failing because it is unable to capture children from incidents and abuse. Therefore, the children may not always observe the violence but they are aware that the abuse is happening. The major limitation towards anti-violence survey is the lack of data on children’s victimization. According to 24H Write MY Essay research, the children highlighted that their awareness of the abuse is greater than their parents acknowledge. It is now widely accepted that children living with domestic violence are at great risk of experiencing neglect and physical abuse.

Prevent domestic violence

Here are a few things an adult do to help children who witness domestic violence.
• Just be with them
• Check them regularly
• Listen to them
• Let the child lead
• Be honest
• Link children with things they love
• If you can’t keep then don’t make any promise
• Reduce stress
• Help children to manage their emotions
• Make yourself a role model in the eyes of the child
• Build calmness and stable the environment
• Motivate them to make friendship
• Respect children cultural background this will build confidence in them
• Take care of children
• Manage challenging behavior of children


This article argued on the significant number of children who are witnessing violence in their daily life. The incidents are traumatic and the consequences in both immediate and longer term for the majority of the children. Children who are better to cope are more likely to have a non-violent parent or other significant adult or they had the opportunity to engage in therapeutic work. Criminal justice should intervene whenever domestic violence is exposed to children.

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