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Are Europeans Ready to Become Health Consumers?

“Health consumers” – the concept is a little foreign to our conception of health services in Europe. As Europeans we tend to think that if it touches our health it should be free. In this context, how can we count on health consumers to fuel the development of the Health 2.0 industry in Europe?

There are some cases where we are ready to get our wallets out. We’re more inclined, for instance, to pay for our wellness than we are to pay for our health. We’re OK to pay for an activity tracker; we think a diabetes management solution should be covered and reimbursed. There are also a few niches where we don’t hesitate to become health consumers: the market of fertility solutions is a good example.

With the wide range of Health 2.0 apps and solutions out there, we’re rediscovering the concept of choice along with a different kind of empowerment… as customers.

What are the other ways Europeans are turning into empowered health consumers?

Join a meaningful conversation at Health 2.0 Europe 2017, which will include insightful demos on this topic from Indigomed (France), Knok (Portugal), SpeechAgain (Germany), Thryve (USA), and Juno Fertility (Austria).

The Consumer Tools session will be about choice, convenience, added value, design, ease of use, service, customer experience and focus on apps and solutions that empower us as consumers of health services.

It’s not too late to join the discussion and Health 2.0 Europe. Register here!

Pascal Lardier is the International Executive Director of Health 2.0.

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