Health 2.0 NorthEast mixer TONIGHT in Cambridge, MA 

The Health 2.0 gang in the Boston area (they call themselves “North-east,” but that’s Yankee imperialism) is having a stellar networking evening on October 7 at the Marriott in Cambridge, MA. Steve Wardell, Peter Mueller, Vince Caprio & Mark Modzelewski have put together a great evening.The line up includes:Ben Heywood, Co-Founder, PatientsLikeMeAaron Day, Chairman & CEO, Tangerine WellnessStan Nowak, President, SilverlinkMatthew Jarman, VP, Corporate Development, American WellJack Barrette, Founder and CEO of WegoHealthRobert Reid, President of Endovascular ForumModerator: Wade Roush, Chief Correspondent for XconomyBut of course the real action will be the networking and discussions before and after the event. Indu & I were at the first one back in January, and it was just an excellent evening.If you’re anywhere close to Boston you should make a point of being there. For more details and to get tickets (they’re cheap and include an open bar!) go to http://www.healthforum2.com/And if you need help setting up your own local Health 2.0 “chapter”, we in the “mother ship” are happy to help in any way we can.And of course don’t forget that this is all a little teaser for the main event in San Francisco, October 22-23 http://www.health2con.com

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