REACTOR PANEL Payers, Providers, & Pharma….and Health2.0

Paul Wallace, Senior Advisor & Medical Director, Kaiser PermanenteJoe Gifford, Chief Medical Officer, Regence BCBSJeff Rideout, VP, Internet Business Solutions Group, Chief Medical Officer, CiscoBruce Grant, SVP Digitas HealthTed von Glahn, Director, Performance Information and Consumer Engagement, Pacific Group on Health

Joe argued that, to accelerate the values of Health 2.0, they must be exported to the larger community. (This struck me as a profoundly important point.)

Bruce – There is no franker source of information available to vendors than the Web. Action’s speak louder than words. Listen to hear what people are saying about you. Engage and encourage the community. The power is moving away from corporations and to the user communities in an unprecedented way.

Jeff – How do you take all the innovation and move it to the people, so that we can make health care more effective. Health 2.0 is a significant portion of that solution set.

Ted is disappointed with the lack of robust health care decision support tools on the Web so far. The Health 2.0 community has the opportunity to create data and tools that can facilitate better decision-making, and also to define the standards which are still not solid yet in health care.

Paul noted that Health 2.0 is about personalizing care. We’re finally becoming competent in understanding how to treat disease in the context of the larger situation that the disease resides in, how clinicians can leverage tools to touch as many people as possible in a day and how we can improve outcomes by cultivating trust . The goal is to make the right thing easier to do.

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