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  1. http://www.hmccentral.com is another healthcare social bookmarking site…in a similar approach it is the new portal for The Healthcare Management Council. The site displays percentile rankings based on votes, views and comments. Though not exactly like Digg, it is very similar. Also, the site is geared more towards performance improvement topics than consumer health. Regardless, this form of collaboration seems to be finding a foothold in a Health 2.0 environment.

  2. i think both of your ideas are good and fully compatible, good to matthew and miguel. good luck both.
    a reader from both sites.

  3. Miguel–I am NOT enforcing the trademark. If you click through to the posting I link to you’ll see that I trademarked the phrase to stop anyone preventing anyone else from using it. (As for instance someone is trying to do with the us of eRx)
    Good luck with the site.

  4. Well, this is just a news portal on healthcare. Yes same idea as Digg but with Meneame technology (Opensource license). They are having a nice discussion there…
    About the copyright, congratulation for trademark on Health 2.0. I think is a good idea and a “Health 2.0 Stamp” could be created, something like HON Code.
    Please, tell me where trademark policy is published and we will adapt the portal or refer to that. If we legally can’t adopt that name, you can always change, we have lots of domains 😉
    I would support that idea frm our portal …
    Good luck

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