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THIS IS A BRIEF COLLECTION of twenty-five posts written for THCB in the nearly two years since I started this project .  You’ll find essays on a wide range of topics in health care policy and health care economics.  You may want to try reading them through end to end (probably ambitious) or you may want to dip in for a quick browse around and then come back later for more.  I’ll update this list with more later when I get a chance. If there is a post you’d particularly like to see here, you can add a comment with your suggestion at the bottom of the page. Cheers! — Matthew

Oh Canada

Letter from England
http://matthewholt.typepad.com/the_health_care_blog/2004/01/quality_quickie.htmlIt’s a good year for the Rowe(s)
http://matthewholt.typepad.com/the_health_care_blog/2004/03/health_plans_it.htmlWhy is the individual market such a mess?

Michael Porter sinking into the Healthcare Quaqmire

As you may have guessed CDHP = cost shifting

For Profits cost more but that’s not the point

The value of healthcare–interesting issue but appalling analysis

Why Wall Street hates health care services but doesn’t know it

PHARMA: The New Yorker, Industry Veteran and Atlas on pharma pricing and
where the industry goes next.

The Real Debate behind Reimportation

Drug prices here and there
http://matthewholt.typepad.com/the_health_care_blog/2004/03/pharma_drug_pri.htmlAre Cox-2s over used? http://matthewholt.typepad.com/the_health_care_blog/2003/11/pharmapbms_are_.html

Online detailing and perscribing–taking off at last?

Sorry! Got it all wrong–PBMs save money.
http://matthewholt.typepad.com/the_health_care_blog/2004/07/pbms_sorry_got_.html As I’ve always suspected, Health Care = Communism + Frappuccinos

Prop 72- Sorry couldn’t help myself

Why dishonesty rules in our health care "debate"

"Producers" comment on how much we should spend on health care.
http://matthewholt.typepad.com/the_health_care_blog/2004/09/policypharma_pr.html International comparisons, or "How does Japan do it?" revisited

Toto, we’re back in Kansas and it’s 1991 again.

Reggie’s back and the intellectual slop goes on

Health Care Costs 101 http://matthewholt.typepad.com/the_health_care_blog/2003/12/policy_health_c.html

User fees, employer-based insurance and why it won’t go away

Medicaid–a bleak picture gets bleaker

Jeanne Scott looks at Single payer, MSAs and what employees want: I
editorialize back

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  1. Can a online physician perscribe nonnarcotic medication on line? If so what are the steps i need to tske to get this taken care of?

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