Day 4:

After spending more than two hours in the waiting room, I once again tried to create an account at so my family could #GetCovered – as instructed by President Obama and Secretary Sebelius.

My first attempt at setting up an account today was thwarted when said the user name I attempted to use was no good:


Ack! It says the username already exists? This was the username I had set up on Day One (backstory here), but the system ultimately didn’t recognize it. I feared some other Tony Jewell had used my cleverly placed underscore.

To be sure, however, I used this page to attempt to recover my password associated with that account that I had long ago given up on:


Seconds later, I received an email – indicating that it was indeed associated with me, Tony Jewell:


Feeling encouraged, I followed the link to reset my password as directed.

I slowly typed in my password of choice, the computer whirred and took me to …


What the wha …???

I had just entered my profile name. It sent me an email to my email address. I clicked on the link to take me back to the page … and it “couldn’t find a Marketplace profile that matched information” that I provided?

How in the world did it email me then? That is one hugely random coincidence (note to self: Buy Powerball tickets before Saturday night).

So, I give up on my chosen identity that may or may not exist in the Marketplace and attempt to create a new one.

Four attempts were met with the same answer each time:


The “invalid format” for answers of security questions that I provided were words. In English. No symbols. No sentences. Just simple words that I was pretty sure I could remember if asked again.

Alas, I’m not sure I will ever be given that opportunity. At least millions are still visiting the website.

Tony Jewell is the founder of Boardwalk Public Relations in Ventnor, New Jersey. He is a former corporate and state and federal government spokesman. This post originally appeared in his blog, Life in the Affordable Care Act.

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122 Responses for “One Man’s Quest to Sign Up for Obamacare”

  1. Indu says:

    Thanks for the new plan trick, The “Review and Confirm” is unlocked now. But I am still not able to get a confirmation :( !

    • robert J says:

      For me being able to actually get confirmation of being enrolled only started working after Nov. 1st. I was locked since around Oct. 10th and kept removing my plan and doing it over many times since then.

      Some people in other places claimed what wouldn’t unlock the review and confirm but of course it does. Also clicking on review eligibility results unlocks it on mine, but have to re-enter more information that way.

      I found these comments looking to see if anyone had the problem and could actually enroll. So based on what I see here it started working Nov. 1st but maybe not for every area.

      Just keep trying I guess. The pay option don’t work but I emailed the insurance company and they got my application. They said would let me know how to pay in a few days. Haven’t heard anything else yet.

      • Indu says:

        I am able to unlock the “review and confirm” but, it does not still confirm.
        I was wondering if it is because I did not choose any Dental insurance???? Did you guys who went to the completion phase apply for dental insurance as well ??

  2. Jim in Virginia Beach says:

    I am also awaiting communication from my insurance company for billing information. I’ll wait a few more days and then maybe try contacting them via their website just to make sure they have my enrollment info. I figure that the government website finally started working and instead of a trickle of applications, the insurance companies got hit with a fire hose!

  3. Mike in Michigan says:

    I am waiting for contact from BCBS as well. It is my understanding that BCBS has folks working at the “Fed command center” to assist in getting the info from the Fed to BCBS. They have a vested interest in making sure that our enrollments get to them. If not, BCBS could see a big drop in policies come 1/1/14!

  4. Mike in Michigan says:

    It has been 1 week, since I completed “Enrollment”, and I still have not received anything from BSBS of Michigan. I also went to both the BCBS of Michigan web site and, and printed out the plans. The maximum out of pocket numbers do not match at all! shows $1000, and BCBS shows $2800. This is for the Silver Premier. Anyone else see this?

    • robert J says:

      Monday will be a week for me also, but I’m not in Michigan. I’m going to email again BCBS again and ask for a update. I got the email for a manager and he always answers. But he don’t always have a answer on a time frame. Last week he said someone should be in contact in a few days but it didn’t happen. Seems to be like they’d want to go ahead and process the enrollments they do get, considering how many cannot even get to that point yet.

      My plan on ACA does match the insurance website, but you need to make sure you are looking at the right level on the BCBS website if using a subsidy. There are 4 different levels on the same plan when I look. Maybe they don’t use the word level but its the same thing.

  5. Ginger says:

    Started on this site Nov.1st. as stated, sent paper application. First of all, live chat is a joke. So is 800 #. Yesterday had a call from a “verifier” from Marketplace. Took her name, security # everything. She had a question concerning one of my questions. She was going to see if possible to put on computer. I told her it was impossible for me to even log on, I’ve tried everything. Changed passwords, different email accounts etc. She said my area is totally locked out. She could not assure me I would be able to be covered by Dec 15th. At end of conversation I asked for her tele# and ext. if I had to talk to her. She said I had to go thru 800#. Well, last nite got email from her stating a message for me at marketplace account. To log in. GREAT ! No avail. Called 800# and explained. They said they should be able to pull up. Here’s where this gets scary…I gave info about “verifier”. Name # etc. THEY DID NOT KNOW WHAT THIS WAS ! I’m on hold. Asked my username. They are locked out. But, they could see they have TWO applications from me. They said I did one online prior to paper being received ! I said that’s impossible. I was put on hold more times. She said ” we have a problem here.” No kidding! I was on the phone for 1 HOUR ! They ended up telling me the person that called me , will more than likely send my results to me, but, they don’t know which application it will go by ! Thank you, but, we cannot help you. The security here , just does not exist. I’m near the top of any subsidy, and I am considering going to talk to local independent insurance agent and this program I believe will crash sooner or later. Late last night I tried to see if I could log on again. O. Changed my password again….and I got in. 1st time. No message from verifier.

  6. Anthony says:

    Never heard anything from my insurance company that I chose, so I decided to contact the company today to see if they had gotten my information. The insurance company representative that I spoke to said they have not gotten any enrollments and they would not get any enrollments until the website is fully operational. He also said that even when they did get the info, that I would need to do a second application with the company directly and they would match up the information with the information already given to the government via the website.

    They have no idea when they will receive the applications from the website. The government told them by November 30, the site would be fully functional. Needless to say, that doesn’t seem like a realistic target as of today.

  7. Jim in Virginia Beach says:

    I also have not heard from my insurance company. I tried telephoning them today and got nowhere. I explained why I was calling to the first rep I talked to and got transferred. Finally spoke to that person and got transferred yet again! After about 25 minutes, a gent came on the phone and just wanted to see if I was in the right department. I told him that I sure as heck hoped so because I had been passed along twice already. I finally gave up. I’ll try another time. I’m going to suggest to my insurance company that they have a department set up for people with ACA questions as opposed to just their normal lines.

    • robert J says:

      BCBS didn’t actually receive my application yet either. But at least I have no problem at all finding this out. Maybe it was luck but I got the email to a manager in memberships and I think he handles a lot of ACA stuff. I’ve talk to him a few times since Oct. 5th.

      The mix up with me was because my brother applied Nov. 2nd after the website started getting past the confirm page and showing enrolled. I emailed the BCBS guy over that weekend and he answered about 10am Monday that they got my brothers and was processing it. Then I applied later in the day on that Monday Nov. 4th.

      Then I emailed him again and I guess he thought since my brothers worked my did. But last Friday I ask him for a time frame to get information from them, and he said that my brothers paper work was mailed Nov. 8th but after checking they didn’t get mine.

      I wasn’t happy to hear that, apparently whatever they did over that weekend mess something up. So, all my brother has to do is send in the first payment and he is set. They haven’t mentioned anything about filling out another application or not getting anything until Nov. 30th.

      So, I called the useless reps at the marketplace last night and when I finally got the person to understand, they gave me a policy number and told me to give it to BCBS, said it was suppose to be sent. Today the insurance man said he let his team look for it but didn’t have my name. I could tell he didn’t think that number would help them any.

      He told me to call back and get them to confirm it to BCBS. Easier said than done I told him. So I called again today and after listening awhile to how I was enrolled and the insurance “had” to received it, I she finally gave up getting me off the phone. Then did that turning into another dept that would call me back, because only they can do something like that.

      Later in the day I was talking to the BCBS man and he said they only received a few applications in Oct. But on Nov. 4th, the day my brothers showed up, they got a LOT in. Then 4 or 5 a day after that for a couple of days and nothing since.

      So, it appears to me the way they are working on the website it breaks some things that started working. I don’t know why I didn’t apply on Nov. 2nd because I’m about sure it would have gone through.

      Reading the posts it also seems like some insurance companies don’t want to process anyone yet for some reason. Also, I’m sure if anyone from the marketplace calls me most likely they will just to say they are still working on the site and won’t send mine in by itself. I don’t see how they are going to get everything working before Dec. 15th. Its stupid my BCBS cannot simply call them for the information, but he said they aren’t allowed to do that.

      The main problem I have with the way it is now though, is the website is showing its been sent and I kind of doubt they will send the applications in again without someone doing it manual. The only way I can see them getting sent now is if the people working on the site are holding them on purpose. But the people working at the marketplace say that’s not suppose to happen. So, I’m stuck waiting on a phone call within 5 days.

    • Anthony says:

      That’s a good idea. The companies involved in the exchanges seem to know just as much as the people answering the 800 hotline number. Maybe if they had a core group of people responsible for handling the ACA enrollments it would make things much smoother for those of us who had to enroll through the government marketplace.

      The other issue that I’ve found when talking to the insurers is that they are unable to do the applications themselves because they can’t access the subsidy information. It would make sense for the government to get the insurance companies the ability to pull up subsidy information through a separate portal so they can just handle the applications directly. That would alleviate much of the traffic to the site and expedite the sign up process so people can get covered in time for Jan 1.

  8. Ginger says:

    Good luck Robert on getting that call. I heard that twice already. If nothing is passed where we will be able to keep “the policy I Lost” I’m about ready to take that $100 subsidy they say I’m eligible for and let them keep it ! It is getting to be worth it, not to deal with the gov’t. and have them in all my business.

    • robert J says:

      Yeah, I know about how the call back is normally useless. But at least I caught them ahead of time of not having it even listed for my account. After the person I talked to during the day that said it was setup, I called back last nigh again.

      The woman didn’t seem to be in a hurry and said there was nothing added to my account that day and I wouldn’t get a call. So she did it for me. At least it appears that saved me 5 days of nothing. So today I called again and ask right off to talk to someone higher up. The woman told me I already had it escalated and would get a call. So the second person did do it.

      But I still wanted to talk someone else so she connected me to someone that answered by name in the IT dept. At least she knew the applications details and saw mine should have been sent. I ask her was there suppose to be any delay and she said not, that once you confirm the plan its goes to the insurance company.

      Still, she didn’t know why it didn’t get sent can only turn it over to a specialist So its back to get a call in 2-5 days. I love the way it went from 2-5 days rather than the 2 days it use to be.

      I ask her what am I suppose to do when nobody calls, and it was the usual answer. Call back and we will try to get you in touch with someone that can help. But, there isn’t anyway you can contact me direct of course. I would say it should be more simple since all they need to is send it, but most likely they will make it much more complicated than that.

      I’m about positive it would have worked if I’d sent it on the 1st or 2nd. They screwed something up with their updates later that weekend. Also the insurance guy told me the applications stop coming in again last week after getting a lot at the first part of the week.

      So, I don’t know if I’ll ever get anything or not. I don’t believe I can start over because its different once the site shows enrollment. I did forget to ask her what happens if I remove or terminate all plans. If I knew it only cancelled the plans and the everything stays, then I should be able to do it over again. It truly is one messed up website and not much better than in Oct. Plus today they said it wouldn’t be totally fixed at the end of Nov. But the ACA itself helps me, but it has to work first.

  9. Mike in Illinois says:

    Once we get past the final confirmation, I guess we’ll all have different experiences depending on whether our chosen carrier has its act together.

    For what it’s worth, my application seems to have moved along without requiring any further action on my part. After gave me the success message Nov 2nd, I just waited for someone to contact me as the site promised. This morning (the 13th) BCBS Illinois finally called, thanked me for choosing them, verified my personal information, asked questions about what drugs I’m currently on, etc.

    Still no payment arrangement or subsidy confirmation (she said that was a different department), but she says I’ll be getting the policy info, insurance card, etc. in the mail in the next few days.

  10. Lynne says:

    I was just told by an employee at BCBS North Carolina that Bronze Plans are not eligible for subsidies. She said that I must choose a Silver Plan or higher if I want my subsidy amount to be deducted from my premium.

    This is unbelievable. It is 48 days to implementation of this law, and I am being lied to by my insurance provider. Isn’t this illegal? Are they trying to steer people into the higher priced plans?

    We’re on our own, people. Get ready to pay the full price of whatever plan you choose by the end of January or lose your coverage.

    Even if they reinstate this year’s plans they’ll raise the premiums to be in line with the 2014 rates you’re seeing.

    We need assurance from the government that any subsidies for which we’re eligible will be refunded to us in we have to pay the full price of our new policies. We don’t need to pay for this year’s policies at next year’s rates without subsidies.

    It just gets worse every day…

    • Mike in Illinois says:

      The subsidy stuff is admittedly confusing to the avg man on the street, but I would hope that – of all people – BCBS employees have been trained on the basics.

      If I were you, Lynne, I’d quote the part of the ACA she’s violating. In this case, it’s Title I, Subtitle E, Part 1, Subpart A that states the subsidy applies to all “qualified health plans”, which they define as any non-catastrophic plan sold in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Bronze plans are pretty minimal, but they aren’t what the ACA considers catastrophic.

      Not that she’ll have a copy of the ACA handy, but at least it will sound like you know what you’re talking about. Which you do.

  11. Anthony says:

    Just received a call from my chosen insurance company to confirm my coverage selection. Much to my surprise after being told on Tuesday that no information had come in from the site, it apparently did trickle through. She said they are getting them in very slowly over the past week or so.

    She verified my selection and emailed me a payment coupon for the first month premium. She also sent me a directory of doctors on email to choose a primary and to keep for my records. Gave me my member ID numbers and information to access their online system.

    All in all I was surprised and shocked that this process could be nearing its close.

  12. robert J says:

    BCBS emailed me today saying they got my Application also. I’m really curious if talking to a supervisor yesterday actually got someone to fix it, because its been 10 days and it happens to come in after I waited to talk to one.

    No idea but at least they got it and hopefully it has the right information. The manager at BCBS was watching for me so that is all he knows, someone is suppose to contact me later. They must be busy because my brother hasn’t got the bill yet and its been 11 days since they got his application. Suppose to have been sent but apparently it wasn’t when they said it would be. It usually takes a few days after they get it form the marketplace before they will process it to be billed.

  13. Lynne says:

    Saw this comment on another site and had to share: “This ACA mess is just as if the Government decided that American kitchens are old and outdated and the poor don’t have access to adequate kitchens, so we the Government are going to renovate everyone’s kitchen into our ideal of the perfect kitchen. But to make it not sound so bad, the president promises “if you like your old stove and refrigerator, you can keep them, period.” Then later, he says that you can only keep that old stove and refrigerator if they are Energy Star compliant, no matter how much you may have liked them, having given you good service for years. (No matter that most of the old appliances do not meet Energy Star requirements and the Government knows that in reality almost no one will be able to keep the old appliances under these rules). The Government decrees that you will like the new appliances better even if they cost more and have extra features you didn’t want. Then, to try and quench the furor when peoples’ stoves and refirigerators start getting hauled away, he backs down and says you can keep the old stove and refrigerator for another year, after many of them have already been tossed in the landfill and can’t be recovered. Meanwhile, you go without a stove and refrigerator at all because the Government website where all new stoves and refrigerators must be procured doesn’t function, and it can’t verify your income to see whether you qualify for a subsidy to buy the new ones. No wonder people are pissed off. I know that all sounds absurd, but that is exactly what is happening to health care.”

    • robert J says:

      Well, Obama did say that about people keeping their current plans, so cannot argue that. But the ACA isn’t affecting everyone so its not like a kitchen. The individual market for insurance has been a nightmare for a long time, so this is just another part in it too me.

      Quite a lot of people lately I’ve talked to or read about is saying the website works lots better. I did finally get enrolled and didn’t have a problem with the income thing. That appears to be worse for state run but not sure, because they want more information.

      It is true a lot of old polices aren’t much good and maybe people know it and don’t care. I know I been dealing with it a long time and I hate insurance companies. So, for some I think it will be better and others maybe not. But it shouldn’t have stayed as it was in the past, for long as it did. Of course in some states it was better than others also.

  14. Mike in Michigan says:

    I received my letter and cards from BCBS of Michigan today. I had completed enrollment on on 11/2, so it took around 20 calendar days to get the letter. I made no phone call, chats, or email once I was enrolled. I was surprised to find new cards in the envelope. There was also a “3 Step” flyer in the envelope as well. Step 1 was “Pay your premium to activate your coverage”. There was no bill in the envelope! I can only assume that a bill is following in the mail. Overall, the entire process was VERY complicated, and stressful. I spent a good 40-50 hours on the web site and forums looking for answers. I am happy, and may be the first person in the country with BCBS cards effective 01/01/2014!

  15. Indu says:

    Finally I am able to successfully enroll. I tried resuming my old application but that was freezing as usual, the website now has an option to remove your application and start over and that worked for me . Woah finally !

  16. Chinna says:

    I don’t like Everyweek a different problem. It has been more than 1 month and I am not able to complete. It is still in verification state until 4 days ago. Now I can’t even login. I get following error and whole process is big mess.

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
    Reference #18.942d1bb8.1386296355.55ca2e35

    • Ginger in PA says:

      Chinna,, I started on this blog way back. I’m one of those losing healthcare end of year. Was impossible to log on all thru Oct. But, I did get an application and sent in. Nov 8th went on computer. Verifier called me.After many calls..I did get the ID# just a week or so ago. My results didn’t even make sense !! From all cauculators, I’m eligible for a tax credit ,near the top, but, it sure will help. My results said I don’t make enough income and to go to health community center in area. I called the 800 #, and the person asked about income etc. He assured me something was wrong, ” no kidding again!”and tried to delete my application, but, couldn’t figure out how to do it. After I realized this was possible I later did it myself, and now I can’t even complete. The system is down. After another call…I wanted to know if it’s because the site is just busy. They said, No, it’s just not working. They don’t know when it will be fixed. This was since Dec.1st. I’ll keep trying till my last day possible for Jan 1st coverage. I never go without insurance. I do have a medical condition. Spoke to insurance companies supervisor, and she said to followup with them to see if they received plus results from is not correct a lot of times. So this is a broken website, and I believe I will be paying the full price for 2014, and at this point, trust isn’t really there.

  17. Steve Ng says:

    Simply put, IT STILL DOESN’T WORK as of 12/15/2013, and I felt raped!
    It complained that the account/email i used was already created, but didn’t allow me to log in. Then, I created another account with a new gmail, then it let me in and asked me tons of stupid questions about my family relationship which I already answer, like ” is my daughter a brother/sister of my son?”, and I answered yes, and then it ask me again “is my son a brother/sister of my daughter?” dud!? I spend 30 minutes to answer all the questions, birth dates, social security, ect. and in the end it kicked me out to the beginning of the registration and asked me to redo everything AGAIN ! ah!!!!! I felt raped. I waited for the next day to log in again and this is the authentication error I got.

    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

  18. Reticuli says:

    verifying authentication… spins and spins and never logs in anymore. I got in once in the early days with enough attempts, but now it seems busted. Changing browsers does nothing.

  19. Ken says:

    As of today 3/3/14 it’s still a mess. My story: I submitted an online App on 2/6/14 thru the exchange and paid my premium online by credit card for March 1st enrollment. The insurance company Got my payment but not my App. They blame for not forwarding app. The insurance co. cannot allocate my premium because my account is not setup. They do not admit that I have coverage. 1-800# says app is stuck and they don’t know why and have said they have forwarded problem to “escalation dept.” who will take 30 days to call me back. I’m still waiting!!! You cannot speak to escalation dept. Phone reps are nice but completely useless and powerless to do anything but keep telling you to wait. They ought to all be fired for incompetency including the President. Oh I forgot, he’s already been reelected . . . Not sure what to do if they don’t call me. I guess I could try canceling the app and starting all over, but I already did that once and it didn’t work. welcome to government healthcare…they can’t even forward an application those morons!!!

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  21. debra says:

    I was able to enroll no problem i got a florida blue paid my first premium got my cards, the Dr”s i wanted did not take this plan so the market place gave me the option to change the plan! i did that then realized it was another blue select i choose so rather then do it again myself i went to the local blue office she removed the two that i had and tried to sell me a far more expensive mho plan she had my head spinning i told her to just get me back into the plan i paid for she wanted me to think about it i went home and back on the market place and got back on the plan i paid for 2 weeks later i get a termination notice from fl blue now i have no insurance it was to start on March 1st i called fl bule every day hoping to get someone that would try to help me but they put it on the market place back and forth for weeks!!!!!! now the market place says i have a policy it is active as of 3-1-14 but i am not in the fl blue system? so NO I AM NOT COVERED. my question if i remove my application and redo one will i finally wake up from this nightmare and be able to get coverage?? some one must know.

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  25. said virginia says:

    still waiting for the bill from insurance company almost 7 days , never got it
    but when i cal back markeplace to find out whats going on , i found that they mad a mistake on my last name ,
    so dont wait for them to call you ,

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