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Jul 23, 2010

IatroCom has released a fun and useful medical app named STATworkUP.
It is a Clinical Decision Support Computing tool for the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and (iPad too).
STATworkUP is now listed under “What’s Hot” in the iTunes Medical App section!
It is also listed as one of the “Most Popular Medical iPhone Apps” on Twitter.
The software does Differential Diagnosis and correlates relevant Symptoms, Studies and Treatments.
It also quickly links to expert web sites.
STATworkUP is designed to help clinicians with the diagnostic thought process and to provide them with evidence-based facts about problems and disorders.
Best for: Clinicians who want to broaden their differentials, residents and medical students who need a quick reference for obscure tests.
No subscription required: Free database updates!
We hope you enjoy it.
Please inform your colleagues about it on your web site.
Thank you!
CEO, Director, Founder, IatroCom