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The Wall Street Journal calls us “the leading insider voice in the field. The New York Times calls us “the authority.”

We’ve also been called “The New New England Journal of Medicine” and “Wired meets the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Who Reads THCB

THCB is tracked by an influential national audience, reaching a vast ecosystem of health care industry observers, including hospitals and research institutions and companies, vendors, suppliers and technology companies. We’re followed by influential decision makers, national media types, insiders on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley and officials in state and federal government. While we can’t reveal personal details about our followers, we can proudly say that we’re read in every major academic medical center in the country and by physicians at thousands of practices around the United States.

Tracking the Crowd

THCB reaches an audience of  500,000 healthcare professionals and consumers following the health care industry with a monthly reach of roughly 200,000.

Underwriting THCB

THCB is supported by individual gifts and support from corporate underwriters who sign on to support the site for a period of 12 months or longer. Our sponsorship model follows the example of the public interest approaches at media outlets like National Public Radio and PBS.  For details on corporate underwriting, please emailus. We’ll get back to you with the details.

I’d like to write for THCB.  How can I get involved?

THCB publishes original posts and reprints on the business of health care, economics, health tech and national health care policy. If you’d like to write for us, you can either send us a brief pitch outlining the story you have in mind or submit a completed post.  We often crosspost pieces that have appeared on smaller sites or personal blogs, putting bloggers on the national stage. We periodically republish opinion pieces that have appeared in national outlets such as the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and the New York Times in cases where authors control copyright. As a general rule, permissions for unpaid works revert to authors after a set period of time. This is typically 3 days to a month. If you’re not sure about rights to your work, check with your editor- it’s always a good idea to make sure.

Post Guidelines

Opinion pieces should run between 500 – 750  words.  Features and product reviews can be longer, although the rules of good writing apply.  Your submission should include a brief bio, explaining who you are and what qualifies you to speak. Feel free to send a web-friendly head shot, although our editors will choose a layout that matches our editorial needs.  You can submit your post in either plain text format or HTML. We also take documents saved in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages format.

We’re not exactly sure why, but posts where authors engage commenters significantly outperform those where they do not. So it’s a good idea to weigh in.

Media Requests

Publisher and Editor Emeritus Matthew Holt: matthew@matthewholt.net.

Executive Editor John Irvine at john@thehealthcareblog.com.

Associate Editor Maithri Vangala can be reached at maithri@thehealthcareblog.com.

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If you’d like to be emailed updates when we publish important new posts, you can sign up for the THCB Reader here.

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